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300 Million Negative Ionic Blow Drye

300 Million Negative Ionic Blow Drye


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Lightweight Hair Dryer, Fast Drying Blow Dryer with 160,000 RPM, 300 Million Negative Ionic Blow Drye, Temp Control Blowdryers for Hair, 1400 w High-Speed Low Noise Travel Hair Dryer, Blue

  • Rapid Drying: High-speed hair dryer, operating at 160,000 RPM, generates a powerful airflow that saves you 60% of drying time compared to traditional dryers. Emitting only a gentle 55 dB of sound ensures it won't disturb those around you.
  • 30% Less Frizz: Blow dryer emitting 300 million negative ions, it balances static electricity in your hair. Paired with the magnetic air concentrator, it not only helps you achieve your desired hairstyle but also reduces frizz by 30%, boosts hair shine and smoothness by 35%.
  • No Heat Damage: The constant temperature control of hair dryer ensures even drying and styling without damaging your hair. Simply hold the control for 2 seconds in heating mode to switch to the Cool-Shot, helping to close the cuticle layer for added protection.
  • Effortless Control: With 2 speed and 3 temperature settings, it's a breeze to operate. The 3-color LED lights provide feedback for the corresponding airflow temperature. Its lightweight size and 5.9-ft power cord offer you the freedom to move around.
  • Dependable Quality: Featuring a brushless motor, it ensures top-notch performance and a premium user experience. The detachable filter makes cleaning a breeze.
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