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Wireless EMS Muscle Trainer with 6 Intelligent Modesf

Wireless EMS Muscle Trainer with 6 Intelligent Modesf


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Wireless EMS Muscle Trainer - Tone and Strengthen Your Abs, Arms, and Glutes with 6 Intelligent Modes for Home and Office Fitness, Perfect for Men and Women Seeking a Full-Body Workout Rechargeable and battery-based two random
Introducing our revolutionary Muscle Electrical
Stimulation device, powered by intelligent
microelectronic technology. This state-of-the-art fitness
companion offers a complete full-body workout,
targeting your abdomen, arms, legs, hips, neck, and
back. With 6 dynamic modes and 10 intensity levels, you
have complete control over your fitness journey.

Key Features:
Intelligent Microelectronic Technology: Harness the
power of muscle electrical stimulation for an effective
Battery-Powered: Enjoy the convenience of battery
operation (Batteries not included).
Customizable Full-Body Workout: Effortlessly target
multiple muscle groups.
User-Friendly Instructions:
1. Press the "ON/INC" button to power on.
2. Use the "PROGRAM" button to adjust the modes.
3. Increase the intensity with the"ON/INC" button and
decrease it with the"OFF/DEC" button.

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